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April 21, 2023

New episode dropped today featuring Abe Johnson and Blake Grobe rejoining Mike Fox as Comedy 6 for the first time in nearly twenty years as part of creating a comedy album.  Their classic 2005 skit, which was previously performed live in Washington DC, titled "The Freudian Couple" was recreated yet again.  On this version, for He Said, She Heard, there are hilarious performances by Katabelle as Ingrid, Jaynee Anne Monarrez as the drive thru worker that serves up a bundle of cheeseburgers for Ron Speakman's hilarious KP character.  What HSSH episode wouldn't be complete without a song by Mattia Signaroldi with Arianna Corona melodically making sense of a couple with Freudian issues.  Mike Fox plays Migmud but when this was last performed in DC, there was some wardrobe changes that allowed him to play Ingrid back then, while Blake Grobe played Migmud.  However, justl ike in the live 2005 version, Blake returns as Sigmud Freud and Abraham Johnson brings the laughs by playing all the celebrity characters on The Freud and Sex TV Special.  


April 8, 2023

#firstnewspostinawhile: Check out Mike Fox's other podcast, Veteran Rockers, a music plus talk podcast only on Spotify about Veteran Rock & Rollers.


In the debut titled The Beatles and Beyond, Mike talks about the Fab Four's perfect storm along with the solo careers that followed.  In the second episode titled David Bowie, Mike begins the episode with Bowie performing with an English band the Lower 3rd in the mid 60's and tells stories behind certain Bowie classics, particularly from the Ziggy era.  

April 25, 2022

He Said, She Heard is now on YouTube.  With your help, our music video for Sheets on Fire will go viral.  Why?  It's funny, it's catchy, it's Mattia Signaroldi singing about farts.  Plus, the experienced acting duo of Tracee Rohde and Dean Farrell are in the video.   Plus, don't forget to subscribe!  Time to blow up the internet with 🍑 💨!

February 22, 2022

Season 5 premiere drops this Friday, February 25th with Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter: Wonky Tonk spreading her love and passion all over this upcoming action-packed episode as both the guest and guest star in the audio skit called: #bullyingsucks.  


HSSH's very talented leading lady: Kayleigh Allen joins Wonky Tonk in the theatre of your mind in the skit with a beautiful heartfelt composition by Mattia Signaroldi. The lyrics of Be Kind echo an anti-bullying sentiment that commingles beautifully with the Wonky Tonk movement.  You can join this movement of music, where love always wins by getting your wonk on at: /www.wonkytonkmusic.com.  Just a warning, this music will take your heart and mind on a wild ride you won't want to get off of.

November 30, 2021

Check out this awesome episode with LA based comedian/author/podcaster: Flobo Boyce.  Funny man Ron Speakman also returns in this episode with hilarious performances alongside Kayleigh Allen and Arianna Corona in a comedy skit called "California's Dumbest Laws".  


November 5, 2021

In this latest video episode, Charlie & Nina of Two Girls One Shop Podcast stop by to discuss bizarre tales from the sex shop they've worked at for years in the UK.  Plus, this episode debuts the music video for "Sheets on Fire", but before that, Kayeligh Allen and Arianna Corona show up in the skit of the same title.

October 28, 2021

New Music Video for "Sheets on Fire" composed and performed by Mattia Signaroldi.  Tracee Rohde and Dean Farrell appear in this HSSH music video about a king sized bed going up in flames after a husband farts and his wife lights up a cigarette.  


September 25, 2021

UK Voice Actress Amy Sinha stopped by on this episode to discuss differences in dialect and how her musical background led to voice acting. 


September 1, 2021

New talk-show (with video option) format debuted on August 24th with Author David Paris as our first guest. Check it out.

July 28, 2021

As Queen once sang, "The Show Must Go On," and HSSH will. 😁  Disregard the headline below.  The show is undergoing a rebranding stage, and with your help, will reach a bigger audience. 

July 14, 2021

Due to funding issues, this podcast will air it's final episode in September. This decision was difficult to make, but in order for a free show like this to keep going, some sort of revenue needs to be earned.  It's been a fun ride, and the final five episodes will reminisce on the best moments of this show. 

On a more positive note, Mike Fox published his first book on Amazon Kindle, part of a book series about autism called "Imagination Street".  Book 1 called The Smithsonian Kid can be purchased by clicking on the book cover below.


May 15, 2021

Travel back to 1966 in this next episode called The Beach Vendor Boys, and experience Giardini Naxos Beach, in Italy, with some surf music by Antonio and Brando (Mattia Signaroldi and Mike Fox).  Mike's brother John also returns as Darren, a bodybuilder, that tries to steal Zoe & Adriana (Katabelle & Madelin Arnaud) from The Beach Vendor Boys by flexing and doing surf tricks.  This episode will be released on: May 18th.  


May 1, 2021

Exhibition Leak, marks the first episode to be recorded via zoom, and features a star studded cast from other podcasts and streaming radio show mediums including Selen Lun (U-WÅ Podcast Series) Yaya Diamond (Dream Chasers Radio), and Kirk Porkloinean (The Kirk Porkloinean Show (Future Project).  Katabelle plays Antoinette, an art/wine enthusiast, Mattia Signaroldi appears and strums as himself, and Mike Fox plays Skyler, a performance artist.  After the sketch, Selen Lun is interviewed on the new interview segment: Question Time.  Mattia Signaroldi was the first guest on that segment, from the Sober Dramedy episode.  Exhibition Leak will be released on May 4th.


February 28, 2021

Going forward, the long term vision for this podcast, is to discover comedy and music, from all over the world, by including guest performers, from as many countries as possible.  Discovering what is funny in different countries, and making it accessible, for the entire world, will make this podcast, a place of inclusion, for various types of comedy, as well as music.    

February 22, 2021

Get real time updates on upcoming episode called The Language of Love at Instagram.com/hesaidsheheard!

February 17, 2021

Listen to both parts of the HSSH mini-series BlackSpoonBowl below.  It's a grunge plumbing mini-series, set in the '90s, telling the story of two plumber brothers, and how one gives up plumbing, to become a grunge rock star.  A divorcee tries to not only pursue him, but also her dreams of becoming a pop singer.

January 4, 2021

Spinoff in the works, called "The Kirk Porkloinean Show", Starring Ron Speakman, as Kirk, coming soon.  


Speaking of Speakman, Blackspoonbowl mini-series coming later this month.  Remember Victor the plumber from "Sexy Plumber"?  That character surname was created from an HSSH Podcast challenge last year, where comments of household objects generated a name, and Ron was the winner (picked at random) of that challenge.


That Sexy episode was re-released as an extended and Uncut version, only on Podbean, and had a back story involving Victor Blackspoonbowl's father Jake in 1991 shacking up with Dick Titson's mother Belinda.

This new mini-series will focus on Jake, who leaves plumbing for grunge rock and his twin Jack (John Fox) tells the story about his brother, and the bizarre love triangle between him, Belinda (Ayesha Tansey), and his grunge rocker rebel brother.  Stay tuned.

December 10, 2020

Brandy of #HowISeeIt Reviews our Woodstock episode, with a focus on the song Natural High, performed by Mattia Signaroldi.

November 18, 2020

Watch The Trailer For Upcoming Christmas Special called "Vixen & Vinnie"!  Please Like & Comment!  :)

November 3, 2020

Though the show is on hiatus, a fun filled christmas episode is in the near future.  Stay tuned via Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram for future updates on episode release date. 

October 15, 2020


Sign up at Podbean or Patreon for only $2, per month, to access our first premium episode, set to be released, on October 20th. 

October 10, 2020


On October 13th, The Passive Aggressive Bank Robbers episode will be released. 

October 4, 2020

As no new episodes being released on Tuesday, the 6th, tidy yourself over, with the HSSH Concert Collection below.


Interact with us, on social media, by telling us your favorite concert episode via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

September 26, 2020

Due Papà will be released on September 29th, and will feature guest star Florinda Franza, and Arianna Corona guest sings with Mattia Signaroldi on the episode track. 


September 23, 2020

Elvis in Australia is now available and is breaking records as being the most downloaded episode on it's release date.  

September 20, 2020

Season 3 Premiere called Elvis in Australia, set to debut in two days.  


August 31, 2020

Season Finale is now available.  This episode features a short sketch about a church microphone accidentally turning on during a confession, followed by an episode audio puzzle set to Mattia Signaroldi's single Puzzle.  

You can now purchase "He Said, She Heard" T-Shirts, Masks, and various other apparel, by clicking here. We now have our very own store on TeePublic.  

August 22, 2020

Part 2 of HSSH Radio was released and features more music by Mattia Signaroldi.

August 9, 2020

The first video episode for this podcast is out now.  It won't be the last one as it's Part 1 of a 2 part episode Radio/Video series called "HSSH Radio".  Check our Part 1 now. 


July 24, 2020

Listen to Mike Fox being interviewed by Yaya Diamond about "He Said, She Heard" on Dream Chasers Radio. 

The "Armer Winkle "episode is out now.  Mike's comedy friend Abraham Johnson guest stars as Armer Winkle, a lackluster soccer player.  Mike and Abraham used to perform sketch comedy together in a trio called "Comedy 6".  This episode features an international duet/argument between Mattia and Mike about whether the sport, featured in this episode, is soccer or football.  

July 7, 2020

Episode 12: Woodstock takes us back to 1969, to that famous three day festival.  Since we don't have the rights to the soul freeing music of that festival, Mattia Signaroldi created two original '60's style songs. 

The episode track Natural High, is performed by Mattia, under the fictional name of "Groove Tube".  


Mike's brother John Fox plays Bob, a psychedelic filmmaker, and Ron Speakman from Episode 9 returns as Stan, a transcendental meditation guru, and makes another surprise cameo or two. 

June 30, 2020


June 29, 2020

He Said, She Heard: The Musical debuted on June 26, 2020 on your smartphone, tablet, and computer.  Episode 11: When You Feel Inspired will not only make you laugh but will also inspire you. The international podcast team of Mike Fox, Kelly Petering, and Mattia Signaroldi interview each other and to keep things interesting, Mattia spontaneously breaks into song.  

June 10, 2020

Episode 10: Bakery Heist: Sydney features MATTia in concert at the Sydney Opera House. Remember Dick and Lydia Titson from the Sexy Plumber episode?  Lydia is expecting their first baby and Chief Dick Titson Sr. is excited to become a grandfather.  Detective Titson thinks MATTia is the zepole eating bandit. 


Episodes 11 and 12 are currently in pre-production.  Episode 11 will be a behind the scenes with music episode.  Episode 12 will take you to a groovy and far out time at Woodstock '69.  At the real Woodstock festival, Joe Cocker belted out his memorable cover of The Beatles With A Little Help From My Friends, which is so fitting for this occasion, as Mike gets help from his friends and family in that upcoming episode.  

May 29, 2020

Episode 9: El Gordo Americano is now available.  This episode guest stars Ron Speakman as a US construction worker Kirk Porkloinean, and Cuzzin Paul as Colonel Sanders.  Kelly Petering plays Vicky, the boss of the construction firm, and MATTia and Mike Fox perform a tribute spoken word song to legendary fat comedians.


May 26, 2020

Episode 9: El Gordo Americano will be released later, this week.  In this upcoming episode, Mike gets a little extra help from some more of his friends. Stay tuned for more details.

May 24, 2020

Today, this show has definitely hit a download milestone, at 1,000 total downloads. 

May 21, 2020

Episode 8 was released on May 19th.  Kelly Petering plays two characters in this episode, and another character in the fake commercial.  MATTia plays us an 80's New Wave Style song to sum up the "Book Club Soup" episode.  

On the April 1st episode of Madame Perry's Salon, the gracious host Jennifer Perry told her faithful listeners about our quirky podcast. Thank you Madame Perry for the shout out and kind words.  To listen to her great radio program, and hear what She Said about what She Heard, you can click here.  By the way, Jennifer Perry's favorite episode is Bakery Heist.  She said so on in an Instagram post. 

May 1, 2020

Season 2 Trailer is out now.  May 19th will be the season premiere date.

April 15, 2020

This podcast in on a brief hiatus, but no worries, because Season 2 will have some surprises for you.  Patreon members of this podcast, will be the first to know about some of those surprises before that date, which is anticipated for the middle of May, after the Kickstarter campaign is finished. 

April 14, 2020 

The Season 1 finale of He Said is out now.  

This podcast is growing, since it launched, back in March.  To maintain this momentum, this show needs support. The Kickstarter campaign, which is all or nothing, expires on May 5th.  Time is of the essence for that campaign.  There are rewards available, which include a funny T-Shirt along with an advertising on this podcast reward.  A contribution of $1 will help reach this goal if 2,499 people contribute.  There's also a Patreon page for this show, which is an ongoing crowdfunding platform.  If money is out of the question, social sharing and telling your family, and friends to subscribe, also goes a long way.  By social sharing, the numbers go up, and the goal of monetizing this podcast is achieved.

April 10, 2020 

Episode 6 is available now.  

April 5, 2020

The next two episodes will feature original music by the very talented MATTia.  Check out his music at mattiartist.com. 

Due to popular demand from our listeners, Kelly Petering will be back in the next episode of He Said, She Heard.

March 30, 2020

Australian actress Kelly Petering guest stars in Episode 5 of He Said, She Heard.  

March 29, 2020

The He Said, She Heard Podcast Challenge now has a winner. Go to our Facebook page to find out who won.

Actress Kelly Petering guest stars on Episode 5 of He Said, She Heard, which will be released on March 31st.

March 27, 2020

The He Said, She Heard Podcast Challenge has begun.  Facebook users can click here to participate.  We need your help to come up with the last name of the plumber in the next episode.  All you gotta do is look around the room you are in and type the name of a household object under this facebook video post.  Over the weekend, Mike will print the comments out and put them in a hat.  Then, while blindfolded, he will pick out two comments and create a name from both comments.  

March 24, 2020

Episode 4 is now available.  

March 19, 2020

Talk show host Yaya Diamond shares with her listeners, what she heard, when she listened to He Said, She Heard on Dream Chasers Radio.

Since it's advised to stay home, and the bakeries are on the list of businesses to remain closed, Episode 3 of He Said, She Heard may tidy you over, as it's about going to the bakery.

March 15, 2020

Episode 3 of He Said, She Heard will be released this Tuesday.  

March 12, 2020

Episode 2: Commingling With Pleasure is available now on all major podcasting apps.  

March 11, 2020

Episode 2 of He Said, She Heard will be released very soon.  

March 3, 2020

This week marks the official launch of the He Said, She Heard podcast series.  Thank you for supporting this podcast with your downloads and shares. Currently, this podcast is available on Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, and is about to debut on GooglePlay.  Next week, He Said, She Heard will debut on iTunes.  Spread the word.

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